Verde Marula, Ltd is a company importing skincare material, develop and sell original products

Verde Marula is a company creates jobs for people in Africa and elderly people in Japan, and contributes to society through SDGs activities.
The company is engaged in the import and export of skincare ingredients from Africa, product development and sales in the world.

We deal in rare cosmetic raw materials created by the great nature of Africa.
We handle our own skincare brands that make use of these raw materials.
The most important thing is to visit the manufacturing factories and directly check the raw materials and manufacturing methods.
By doing so, we carefully select only high-quality raw materials that are effective for our health and beauty, organic, and safe. We carefully select only the highest quality raw materials.

The raw materials for cosmetics are produced by carefully processing natural resources that have been unused in the local area.
In the process, we contribute to the creation of local jobs, economic revitalization, and nature conservation.
In the process, they contribute to local employment creation, economic revitalization, and nature conservation.
We will deliver beauty to Japan with these cosmetic materials.

Company Information 

Company Name Verde Marula, Ltd
Address 160-0022, 1-36-2, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Established in 01/2021

Executive Officer:
Junko Arisaka

Nami Nakatsuka( Nakamura )
Yukiyoshi Arisaka

Our mission is to connect the world through business and create a society where sustainable beauty and dreams come true.


Our Story

In 2016, Junko and Yukiyoshi Arisaka, two of the founding members of Verde Marula, traveled to Mozambique to establish Verde Africa, a company that sells recycled briquette in Mozambique.

In Africa, wood fuel is still the main source of cooking energy, which is closely related to the economic constraints of the region, and Verde Africa aims to provide economic renewable energy to the African people and contribute to forest conservation and job creation.

The "Verde" in Verde Africa means "green" in Portuguese. We hope that the natural environment and local communities in Africa will become rich and green. This is the reason why we named our company Verde Africa.

Through our business activities in Africa, we have come to understand that there are very few opportunities for cash income in rural area communities in Africa, and on the other hand, there are many valuable unused agricultural resources. If we can bring to the overseas market what has not been paid attention to in rural areas, we can create new value. It can also bring a new economic cycle to the community.

For the past five years, I have been searching for a business where Africa and Japan can be win-win together. After five years of searching for a business that would allow Africa and Japan, I came across a plant-based skin care oil native to southern Africa. The raw materials for cosmetics made from wild species of plants native to the region are organic and have been used since ancient times as remedies and skin care products, and are all community-based. We were fascinated by the tangible effects and stories, and began to think about expanding our business in Japan.